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Chicago Citation Guide - 17th Edition

A guide to using Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition

Journal Articles


Author. Year. "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume (Issue): Page range. DOI, permalink, or library database.


Cuman, Giulia, and Chris Gastmans. 2017. "Minors and Euthanasia: A Systematic Review of Argument-Based Ethics Literature." European Journal of Pediatrics 176 (7): 837–847.

(Cuman and Gastmans 2017, 839-840)

Carroll, Maureen, and David Godden. 2000. "The Sanctuary of Apollo at Pompeii: Reconsidering Chronologies and Excavation History." American Journal of Archaeology 104 (4): 743–754.

(Caroll and Godden 2000)

When including a database name, note that there is a comma after the page numbers

Lindtner, Chr. 1993. "The Central Philosophy of Ancient India." Asian Philosophy 3 (2): 89–93, Academic Search Complete.

(Lindtner 1993)



Author. Year. "Title of Article." Title of Newspaper, Full date. URL or library database.


Reed, Stanley. 2018. "Fighting Climate Change, One Laundry Load at a Time." New York Times, January 1, 2018.

(Reed 2018)

If there is no attributed author, use the name of the newspaper as the author (see 15.49 in the CMOS):

Daytona Beach News. 2011. "Cars, Cars, Where to Put the Cars." October 2011, US Newsstream.

(Daytona Beach News 2011)



Author. Year. "Title of Article." Title of Magazine, Full date. URL or library database.


Walker, Matthew. 2017. "Sleep the Good Sleep." New Scientist, October 14, 2017.

(Walker 2017, 31)

Adler, Sarah Elizabeth. 2018. "The Power of Negative Thinking." Atlantic, January/February 2018.

(Adler 2018)



Review Author. Year. Review of Item by Creators. Journal/Magazine Volume (Issue): Page range. DOI, permalink, or library database.


Perry, Sally E. 2017. Review of Beyond Rosie: A Documentary History of Women and World War Two, edited by Julia Brock, Jennifer W. Dickey, Richard J. W. Harker, and Catherine M. Lewis. The Journal of American Culture 40 (1): 77–78.

(Perry 2017, 77)

Maslin, Janet. 1994. "A Troubled Mother Against the Bureaucracy," review of Ladybird, Ladybird, directed by Ken Loach. New York Times, October 7, 1994.

(Maslin 1994)

Advance Online Publications

This refers to online articles that have not yet been published in print, and thus may not have volume, issue, or page numbers.


Author. Forthcoming. "Title of Article." Title of Journal. DOI, permalink, or library database.


Kannan, Lakshmi, and Nissa Blocher. Forthcoming. "Cultural Impact on Medication Instructions: The Case of the Turkish Teaspoon." Journal of Patient Safety, Ovid.

(Kanna and Blocher, forthcoming)

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