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Disinformation: fake news, propaganda & more: Let's check a source

Claim: The Earth is Hollow

How to Spot Fake News chart

Image Source: Indiana University East

Text of the annotated image

.com sites aren't the most reliable. This is also categorized as a blog, not a news story.

Look up Dr. Forti on LinkedIn. She's a clinical psychologist by training, not an historian, geologist, or physicist, nor does she work in these fields.

Google Earth maps, among others, will quickly disprove that the poles open up into the earth.

For a "missing diary, there are a lot of copies online.>/p>

Source missing (Pointing to a description of an expedition.)

Why would they do that? (Pointing to text about U.S. Government's censoring information.)

Trying to sell you something, maybe? (Pointing to Products, Sales, Crystal-infused Energy Oils.)

This is a wild claim not supported by any rational human, let alone science. (Pointing to headline, "Mission to Inner Earth--Is It Really Hollow?")

Link to Wikipedia article (which says nothing about "hollow earth" or Byrd's diary).

"Agharta" is an invention of Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre, a French occultist.

Referring to a quote by Byrd about his expedition opening up a "new land" is an accurate statement, but does not mean he was talking about a hollow earth city. Instead Antarctica was an unexplored continent at the time. Misleading.

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