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ENG 200 - Rickansrud Young

Resources on Homelessness and the Unhoused

Learn About Your Topic


Background Research

Learn a bit about homelessness: who it affects, what the challenges are, what the possible solutions are?

Definitions of Homelessness and Unhoused

Using Bias-Free Language

These APA Style guidelines list less biased, more inclusive terms to use when writing about socio-economic status.

Notice, however, that terms that we use today may not be the terms to use in your search.

For example, if you're looking for information about homelessness from an historical perspective, other terms may have been used to describe people experiencing homelessness.

For example, you might have success searching terms such as

  • tramp
  • hobo
  • skid row

Possible Keywords to Use When Searching

  • homeless
  • homelessness
  • unsheltered
  • unhoused
  • marginalized persons
  • homeless statistics
  • inadequate housing
  • housing history
  • poverty
  • homeless persons

You can also search various groups affected by homelessness such as

  • homeless students
  • homeless veterans
  • homeless children
  • homeless youth
  • homeless women

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The OneSearch platform (also known as Primo) is being used at nearly all of the California Community Colleges, all of the California State Universities, and most UCs.

If you have any questions or issues with OneSearch please let us know!

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